Susan Collins has repeatedly betrayed her constituents. She is not who she claims to be, and Mainers know it.

In late 2019, Senator Susan Collins attended a fundraiser in Washington hosted by the corporate PAC and lobbyist for BIW chief rival, Huntington Ingalls Industries. Collins has taken more than $60,000 from the corporate PACs tied to Huntington Ingalls, while Bath Iron Works has lost out on major contracts to them.

The people of Maine are speaking out with the truth about Susan Collins.

StopSusan.com is a product of Be A Hero, the organization that ran the successful campaign fundraising against Susan Collins during the Kavanaugh vote alongside Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Maine People’s Alliance. The campaign raised more than $4 million from 140,000 small dollar donors for her future democratic opponent.

We will not rest until she is defeated in November 2020.